Sunday, November 11, 2007

Click here to listen to the full interview with Bruce: 'Bruce Holland - Revitalising Large Organisations'.

Bruce Holland interviewed by Kris Coppieters

Virtual Group Podcast#1. 12 November 2007

Bruce is an expert in revitalising large mature organisations.

He works with managers who are frustrated with silos, slowness and small-thinking. Things can be better - more focused, fast and flexible, places where people feel more depth, connection and meaning.

It’s about liberating the human spirit at work by reducing bureaucracy, opening communication and releasing energy in under-performing managers, staff and processes.

In this interview we try to find out what Bruce does; for example, how he helps people bring out their inner genius, how he brings fun back into work for people working in large organisations, and how to convert leaders into irresistible leaders.

The interview starts with a little story about a "Strategic Planning Session" in real life: Bruce just returned from Samoa where he ran a session in a real South Pacific environment - a challenging and interesting assignment.

Then we learn more about Bruce's ideas and approach...

You can also listen to smaller excerpts extracted from the complete interview: click on one of the links below to access the excerpts:

Complete interview: Bruce Holland - Revitalising Large Organisations
Part 1: An interesting strategic assignment in the Pacific.
Part 2: Helping large mature organisations get focussed, fast and flexible.
Part 3: Four months leadership development in six days.
Part 4: How to break down silos, slowness and small thinking.
Part 5: How to discover your Genius factor.
Part 6: How to become an irresistible leader.
Part 7: How to understand the way people think. Herrmann's Thinking Preferences.
Part 8: Accessing the power of your subconscious.
Part 9: Liberate the human spirit at work and increase creativity.
Part 10: How to get a culture where everyone focusses on what matters.
Part 11: Working in the Public Sector.

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